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  • SkylinkJS

    Teach your web-app how to talk peer-to-peer. Audio, video, data and much more.

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  • AdapterJS

    A library of polyfills and helpers so you can use WebRTC the same way in all browsers.

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    Invite others into a conference call, just by sharing a link. Built with SkylinkJS.

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Screensharing with SkylinkJS

by Thomas Gorissen
SkylinkJS makes sharing your screen with others incredibly easy to implement for web developers. Upgrade your conferencing or co-working app and enable your users to benefit from easy sharing of their work or application in all major browsers.
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Building A Simple Peer-to-Peer WebRTC Chat

by Thomas Gorissen
Audio/Video is not the only thing that WebRTC enables you to do. The data channel offers a variety of use-cases, too, by sending information from one peer to another without going through a server. In this tutorial I show you how to build a simple chat.
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